Five Truths and a Lie

While I sat on my knees,

And wished upon a fallen star,

The full moon, the autumn leaves,

Singing birds and a zooming bright red car;

How I wished we could be together!


We haunted my thoughts,

Invaded my dreams,

We plundered my memories,

Making my stomach tie up in knots.

I tried to disengage, tune into another play,

Convinced myself the doors you closed will open some day.


A beautiful girl she was my friend,

I loved her the most; her joy and grief were mine.

She took my mate with her red lipstick!

On her wedding night, I sang and danced and poured her some wine,

Not knowing my world will soon come to an end.


He was a tall and charming man,

He was my friend since my childhood began.

On a cold dark night, I was lonely and sad,

Craving for some good conversation with the only pal I had.

The night was long and I emptied my broken heart leaning on his shoulder,

Instead of kind words his hands groped my chest in the hope of a lusty affair;

Befriending silence I found my way back up the stairs.

My heart was in pain, my head swam in anger and I grew colder.


I had lost faith, in friends old and new.

The ones who remained loyal were very few.

I knocked on your door,knowing you wouldn’t do me wrong,

I longed to find the warmth in your arms.

But you turned away and asked me to find another place where I could belong.

Lord, have mercy! My spirit can no longer bear these harms!


So I picked up the pieces, one by one, of my broken heart.

Your soul still resides in me; we will never part.

T’is is Destiny’s joke or a betrayal by Fate,

For one was my best friend and the other, my soul mate.

They told me to move on and be strong,

I listened, and so I wrote this song.


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