Maiden in Moonlight

A soft and gentle breeze was blowing.

Silver rays of moonlight,

Illuminating the ripples of water.

As she sat alone admiring the starry heavens.

Her silky ebony mane danced with the breeze,

With a sweet pink smile tattooed on her face.

Awaiting her beloved to arrive,

She played with the waters and the floating flowers.


Suddenly the silhouette of a man was seen,

He approached her slowly.

Embracing her from behind,

He took her lovingly in his arms.

She knew nothing of the devil lurking inside him,

For he had mesmerized her heart and soul.

And before she knew it,

He killed her softly.


When she was lost in his arms,

That devil bent as if to kiss her.

But instead he garrotted her until she bled

And drowned her, in her own pool of blood.

His evil laughter echoed everywhere.

With contempt filled in every breath.

He slipped back into the darkness with those sinful hands,

That mocked this beautiful maiden’s death.


Pale, calm and dead she lay,

Beautiful and delicate as ever,

She drifted in to a forever-painful slumber,

With half a smile, so soft and white.

A rhythm she rhapsodizes unknown and unheard,

Plucked strings of the harp that resides in her still heart.

Her eyes glare at the skies wide;


Never to see again.

But her face still shines bright,

On every moonlit night.


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