As the sun formed shadows on my window,

I open my eyes to the real show.

Somewhere not so far, the church bells chime,

In a flash of a second, my mind starts to work on how best it can make me use my time.


Wait, wasn’t I chasing a midget playing hide and seek?

Dear mind, some times you are wild, some times so, so meek.

I took a moment aside, hesitating to leave the comforts of my bed,

I recall a moment of the past; waking up to the music of your morning sighs.

Your breath softly tickling my ear, while you hold me, and blow kisses with half dreamy eyes.


A reminder from my phone pokes me to stay focused in real time and I wrap up my memories in the silent bed.

My phone notifies me that I have ten updates on various social media sites and two missed calls.

I open my planner and start to visualize my day,

Another race against time to exercise the body after solving mysteries within the laboratory’s walls.

As they say “When the sun shines, you better make hay”.


But first, let me take a photograph of my self,

The applications I flood with my flawless face,

Will they feed the poor and give the people suffering from disease and disaster some help?

We all are good people, busy with life’s race!

But when a hungry man begs for food, will you part with what’s on your shelf?


A world inside my electronic device.

Relationships, work, business, entertainment and the light of new knowledge,

All perfectly tabbed and tagged but each comes with a price.


I have a different face for each tab, for I have been programmed to deceive.

When I look at the mirror, I see a faceless image that is trying very hard to achieve.

I lock my screen, heave a little sigh and seize the real time.

I hope at the end of the day I will be wiser and the mind will weave a tapestry of rhyme.


Appreciation is received by those that shout and scream about their petty deeds,

The ones that grind their flesh and sore their muscles for others are seldom praised for their finger that bleeds.

With meandering thoughts of life in my mind,

I start to think, if only we could all be just a little more kind,

To all those healthy, parched, withered, deaf and blind.

I vouch to thrive, looking out of my window, and hope to someday shake mankind.


So I told my story to a friend;

About the planet that I want to save and somehow change the inevitable end.

I told him his answer would be my saving grace,

And he said, “ It is only the heart that is the answer”.

But if only love could cure cancer,

We all would be in a better place.


I listened to my heartbeat in the dead of the night,

Hoping to evade the dance to death and wishing for everything to be all right.

Through my window I see the moon hiding behind the clouds,

The night was dark, cold and the wind howled aloud.

As chaotic whispers filled the air, she came out slowly from her lair.

Spreading her silvery,magical light, she made me realise beauty, love and life’s fiery might.



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